frontend web,
coded with 💖

I am currently a Senior Developer on the wonderful development team at FINE, where I work within the Digital Advocacy Group. I spend my days exploring development techniques, building tools, documenting best practices, and pairing with team members.

The majority of my professional experience lies in marketing + brand agency work, with occasional forays into product development.

open source & plugins

A Nuxt.js module for logging SSR errors + client-side Vue errors using winston. Outputs logs using any compatible winston transport, and defaults to using the JSON Lines format for quick ingestion into live tailing services.

Nuxt module for injecting dd-trace into SSR / HTTP requests. When used alongside the Datadog Agent, this allows for APM tracing in Nuxt applications.

A Google Chrome extension to help quickly mark videos from your YouTube homepage as "Not interested." This extension hooks into the recommendation feedback dialogs on YouTube and adds mouse + keyboard shortcuts for accessing these modals and quickly selecting options.

Source available on GitHub.

lil' bits

Generative art / data-viz project to display GPS walking routes from Apple Watch / normalized Apple HealthKit data.

Source available on GitHub.

A fun bit of Vue to showcase animations, Comic Sans, and string processing. Developed as an educational tool for folks new to Vue.

Source available on GitHub.

marketing + brand

Rails marketing website, custom ES6 component harness, ecommerce integration with Vin65.

A large scale Rails engine used in ~30 marketing sites. Built with reusability in mind, the Carmel Property Engine can be injected into a Rails project and configured as needed through YAML, JS, and SCSS overrides.

Various external vendors are brought together via custom APIs to let potential tenants explore neighborhood maps, unit availability, and building amenities.