frontend web written with care

A majority of my professional experience lies in marketing + brand agency work, with occasional forays into development on specific products.

These days I swim amongst browser APIs and JavaScript frameworks as a Senior Developer with a wonderful team at FINE.

Marketing + Brand

Mingle-Internal Cerulean Winery Frontend development; Ruby on Rails; custom ES6 component runtime; use of Vue.js for data-centric components; integration with Vin65 e-commerce sessions; circa 2017

FifthWall Band Image6 Responsive Fifth Wall Venture Capital Frontend development; Ruby on Rails; custom JS components; work w/ designer on SVG animations, choreographed page load-ins, data-filtering and modal behaviors; prototyping and implementation of a hero component with DOM animations synchronized to HTML5 video; circa 2017

AshesDiamonds iPhones Ashes and Diamonds Frontend development; Ruby on Rails; custom ES6 component runtime; rapid prototyping & collaboration w/ design & backend development; circa 2017

b2b Microsites

intel-tech-partner Intel Technology Provider Full-stack development; Ruby on Rails; SPA-style administrative CMS integrated w/ Intel SAML login; load-balanced sever provisioning and maintenance; creation of various data-processing endpoints both serving and accepting JSON to external client applications; circa 2016

nuc-digital-signage Intel NUC Digital Signage Frontend development; Middleman static site; custom JS components for frame-based animation timelines using Pixi.js; emphasis on lazyloaded assets & performance optimization; circa 2016

Passion Projects

emfeeds emFeeds Full stack development; Ruby on Rails; user-driven RSS feed portal created for a community of electronic musicians; scheduled backend processing routines to aggregate RSS data and create master feed; circa 2008, now offline