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A majority of my professional experience lies in marketing + brand agency work, with occasional forays into development on specific products or services.

I am currently a Senior Developer on the wonderful development team at FINE, where recent months have been spent helping with hiring, developer onboarding, and educating our team around modern frontends in Vue and Nuxt.

Passion Projects

apple healthkit workout routes Apple HealthKit Data Visualization Full stack development; Node + Vue + Nuxt; GPS walking routes from Apple HealthKit / Watch normalized + mapped to HTML canvas elements; generative art; open source; circa 2018

emFeeds emFeeds Full stack development; Ruby on Rails; user-driven RSS feed portal created for a community of electronic musicians; scheduled backend processing routines to aggregate RSS data and create master feed; circa 2008, now offline

Marketing + Brand

carmel - hyde square Carmel Apartments Frontend & middleware development; Ruby on Rails; co-architecture and frontend implementation of Rails engine used in 30+ production site; CSS framework and JS component library authoring; integration with Engrain SightMap; co-planning & implementation of custom APIs for floorplan & leasing availability w/ Engrain; circa 2018

Cerulean Winery Cerulean Winery Frontend development; Ruby on Rails; custom ES6 component runtime; use of Vue.js for data-centric components; integration with Vin65 e-commerce sessions; circa 2017

Fifth Wall Venture Capital Fifth Wall Venture Capital Frontend development; Ruby on Rails; custom JS components; work w/ designer on SVG animations, choreographed page load-ins, data-filtering and modal behaviors; prototyping and implementation of a hero component with DOM animations synchronized to HTML5 video; circa 2017

Ashes & Diamonds Ashes and Diamonds Frontend development; Ruby on Rails; custom ES6 component runtime; rapid prototyping & collaboration w/ design & backend development; circa 2017

b2b Microsites

Intel Technology Provider Intel Technology Provider Full-stack development; Ruby on Rails; SPA-style administrative CMS integrated w/ Intel SAML login; load-balanced sever provisioning and maintenance; creation of various data-processing endpoints both serving and accepting JSON to external client applications; circa 2016

NUC Digital Signage Intel NUC Digital Signage Frontend development; Middleman static site; custom JS components for frame-based animation timelines using Pixi.js; emphasis on lazyloaded assets & performance optimization; circa 2016