Aaron Ransley

Aaron Ransley

Over in the Blipsounds Discord server, we're working to grow the community library with a set of weekly themes. This week is pressure, and I'm already busy crushing ramen noodles and wobbling around the house to bring out those creaky floorboards.

Aaron Cendan and Liam Fowler got this week kicked off with some excellent, yet approachable guidelines. All are being encouraged to join in, regardless of their access to high quality recording equipment:

The Weekly Blip

And this is great! A noisy 16bit recording can be just the layer a designed sound needs, especially if it includes some enticing ✨ transients!

Even if you can only record something on your iPod touch, we’d love to have the contributions just for the sake of helping our little community build the habit of recording, editing, and submitting content on a regular basis [...]
- Aaron Cendan

Head over to the Blipsounds community library to browse the sounds submitted so far, and to contribute your own.

blip csl

Or join us in the Discord server to dork out with fellow audio nerds, talk shop, network, or get feedback on your projects.